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What Is Devanning and Why Does Your Company Need It? 

In its simplest terms, devanning is the process of removing cargo from a sealed container. The task sounds easy, but it is one of the most difficult of all components of the logistics process. It’s time consuming, and for many companies, it creates tedious work. 

What Is Involved in Devanning?

Also known as stripping, unstuffing, or unloading, devanning is a necessary step in the process of moving cargo. Typically, devanning occurs at the destination warehouse, but in some situations, it needs to be moved prior to this. For many organizations, hiring a company to do this work simply makes sense. 

What Are the Benefits of Using Devanning Services? 

As one of the more complex and time consuming processes in logistics management, hiring a team to manage the devanning process is a cost-effective and time-efficient decision. It is important to have a professional organization that can be trusted to handle this process as they will be coming into contact with your inventory. Protecting product and minimizing risk of injury is critical. That is why organizations need to hire a company that specializes in devanning to minimize risk.

Utilizing devanning services offers a number of benefits for organizations, including:

  • Improving transparency throughout the shipping and receiving process
  • Reducing overall costs associated with managing the stripping process in-house 
  • Better tracking and monitoring of shipment data can help make it possible to have better insights into operations 
  • Improve efficiency and fluidity in your operations by having a reliable partner handle the arduous task

For many organizations, another benefit is cost savings over other methods used to unload and efficiently put away transported cargo.

What Partnering with Van Brunt Could Mean for Your Business Operations

For organizations that are already using drayage services from Van Brunt, the investment in devanning is a likely continuation of the service. Once goods arrive and are transported to our facility, our logistics team can go to work to strip your containers for you. We will provide full management of the inventory process of your products as well.

Van Brunt provides a dedicated team of professionals to handle the process from start to finish. This ensures that each container is properly inventoried by experienced individuals who take every care possible to ensure that transparency and accuracy is maintained throughout. 

Contact us online today to learn more about how our devanning services can improve your logistics efforts. Call 908-282-7080 to speak with our staff for all your logistics, distribution, and inventory management needs.