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FDA Registed

Vanbrunt Logistics & Warehousing is a FDA Registered Warehouse in Port NY/NJ that has met all of the regulatory requirements set forth by the FDA. The 150,000 square foot storage and distribution facility in New Jersey is subject to inspections by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to safeguard public health by maintaining the proper storage and distribution of these critical products.

What Is A FDA Registered Warehouse

An FDA registered warehouse is a storage and distribution facility that has met the regulatory requirements set forth by the FDA. These requirements are primarily aimed at ensuring that products subject to FDA oversight are stored and handled under proper conditions to maintain their safety and efficacy. The primary responsibilities of a FDA Registered Warehouse include:

  1. Storage and Inventory Management: FDA registered warehouses must adhere to strict guidelines for storage and inventory management. They are responsible for maintaining appropriate temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions as required by the FDA for various products. Proper inventory tracking is crucial to prevent product mix-ups and ensure the integrity of each item.
  2. Quality Control and Inspection: Regular inspections are conducted by the FDA to ensure that registered warehouses are in compliance with established regulations. This includes assessing the facility’s physical condition, documentation accuracy, and adherence to good storage practices.
  3. Security and Access Control: Security measures are paramount in FDA registered warehouses. Controlled access, surveillance systems, and other security protocols are in place to prevent unauthorized access and protect products from theft, tampering, or contamination.
  4. Proper Handling and Transportation: FDA registered warehouses are responsible for ensuring that products are handled and transported in a manner that preserves their quality and safety. This includes using appropriate equipment, ensuring cleanliness, and complying with regulations for transporting temperature-sensitive products.
  5. Documentation and Record-Keeping: Comprehensive documentation is a crucial aspect of FDA registered warehouses. They must maintain records that demonstrate compliance with FDA regulations, product tracking, temperature monitoring, and other critical data.

A FDA Registered Warehouse In New Jersey

FDA registered warehouses are a critical component of the regulatory framework established by the U.S. Through compliance with stringent guidelines, these warehouses play a pivotal role in safeguarding public health and upholding the integrity of the supply chain.

Van Brunt Warehousing, located in Port NY/NJ understands and follows all of the regulatory requirements needed to be labeled a FDA Registered Warehouse. Contact us online for more information about FDA warehouse compliance or call 908-282-7080 for all your warehousing, distribution, and inventory management needs. 

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Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing is equipted with an Organic and ASI Certified Food Grade Warehouse that can store a variety of food and beverage products while ensuring the best practices for quality and safety.

Distribution & Handling

Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing is a full-service logistics company that offers solutions to help your business run more effectively. From port to the warehouse to market, Van Brunt will be there every step of the way.

Warehouse Management

Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing gives you the power to monitor inventory, costs and distribution times so you can understand how your business operates and streamline your product supply.