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What Are Container Freight Stations and How Are They Beneficial?

It’s not uncommon for companies to need a place to warehouse their containers until they are ready to ship them. A container freight station is the ideal place to do that. It allows you to store and hold your goods until they are ready to move to the next location. Both import and export cargo can be consolidated and de-consolidated in these stations.

When you choose to work with a trusted and experienced handler like Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing, your organization easily benefits from this service. 

The Benefits of Container Freight Stations 

Container freight stations are a critical part of the modern supply chain when it comes to transporting intermodal freight. 

  • Consolidate shipments. One of the ways container freight stations benefit the entire logistics system is by creating an opportunity for smaller shipments to be consolidated with others into a bigger container. The freight within the larger container could be from other customers or clients, but it is all heading to the same destination. This reduces costs. 
  • Reduces congestion. The use of these freight stations helps alleviate the congestion at terminals and ports, allowing for ready-to-move freight to be accessed and shipped sooner. Additionally, it helps relieve the containers from the complex customs clearance processes. 
  • Data is retained. All shipping data, including information on the customs agent, cargo information, exporter data, importer data, truck number, carrier name, and much more, is retained during the storage period. This ensures that the containers are easily monitored and managed. 
  • Loading is fast and efficient. Because of the technology used along with faster cargo security, the process of loading and unloading is more efficient overall. Stuffing and de-stuffing processes are also faster. This means containers ship with fewer delay risks.
  • Safety is ensured. The container freight station maintains ample security to ensure that all goods receive proper management. This minimizes the risk of theft or damage to valuable goods.

Let Us Provide Container Freight Stations for Your Needs

Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing provides container freight station solutions to many organizations. We use highly skilled and professional staff to manage the entire process. You can rest assured your merchandise will be handled with the right care and attention. Talk to our team to learn more about our full-serve solutions for both importing and exporting cargo. 

Contact us online today or call 908-282-7080 to speak to us about all your distribution and handling needs, including container freight stations. Let Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing become an integral part of your fast and efficient supply chain system.