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Transloading – What Is It?

Numerous methods exist for moving product from one area to the next. Transloading is a unique process that’s often confused with other methods, including transshipping. However, used properly, it can be an efficient method for moving product between two locations.

Transloading refers to the process of taking goods straight from the container and right onto a tractor trailer. This allows you to circumvent warehouse storage expenses and get your goods where they need to go quickly.

How Does Transloading Work?

In recent times, supply chain issues have caused production delays, costing organizations a lot of money in lost business. Reducing the time and expenses typically incurred in taking goods from a shipping container to the dock, then to a warehouse, and then loaded on to a trailer for transporting to their final destination, delivers significant savings to commercial organizations.  However, transloading nowadays involves much more than just this.

Transloading can cover numerous services and functions:

  • It can involve the use of rail for moving shipments along with other methods.
  • Transloading refers to moving product from warehouse to warehouse, too. 
  • It may include any type of transportation method. 
  • Transloading also refers to moving more than just goods – it may include moving equipment and job materials. 
  • It may describe the process of moving product from a warehouse to the end customer.

One of the more complex aspects of transloading involves the movement of product and the method in which it moves. For example, in some cases, the entire freight container may be moved from one mode of transportation to the other. It may also involve moving portions of a container. 

How Does Transloading Work?

Often, a transloading facility helps coordinate the process, choosing the least expensive mode of transportation capable of delivering the product at the desired schedule. 

This location helps with the determination of the best manner and facilitates the process. For example, it may be necessary to move the entire container up to a ramp to be put into the tractor trailer. Or, in other cases, a crane may need to pick up and move it. These locations help to minimize the complex process of transferring product from one shipping method to the next.

Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing Can Help You with Transloading Needs

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