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Things to Consider When Selecting a Warehouse Near Port NY/NJ

Warehousing is a booming industry. No one could see it coming, but many companies benefit from the surge of demand for goods. If your company is one of those looking for a new warehouse near Port NY/NJ it’s important to understand not every place is the right place. 

5 Considerations When Selecting Your Port NY/NJ Warehouse

Before you choose your next warehouse near Port NY/NJ, remember to consider these points:

  1. Is the warehouse located near your customers? Think of it like this. If you sell a widget to ranchers in Idaho, a warehouse on the East Coast will cause further delays. Additionally, you will rack up additional transportation expenses, which you may have to pass on to your customer with higher prices. Instead, look for a location near highways, railways, or ports to transport your goods to your customers without serious delay.
  2. Is the warehouse situated near suppliers? You need a location strategically located to reduce the risk of supplier delays. It is a mix between reliable inbound services and short transit times. This is especially vital when accepting from international suppliers.
  3. Is the location near appropriate modes of transportation? Your customers expect you to get them their merchandise faster than ever. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure your warehousing is located near your primary mode of transportation. For example, if you rely on the trucking system, you need to be near their terminals. At the very least, your warehouse should sit within easy access to the freeway system.
  4. Is there a capable and available workforce? Urban areas have higher population densities. That means plenty of workers are available unless it is a tight labor market. You want to ensure you can hire the skilled labor you need to transition your goods within your warehouse successfully.
  5. Will you be able to expand as your business grows? You can find the perfect place to house your goods, but you could be in trouble if there is no room to expand. Ideally, you want to look for sites that have the capability of growing along with your company.

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