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Choosing a Warehouse for Your Shipments to and from Port NY/NJ 

Choosing a warehouse for your shipments moving to and from the New York/New Jersey Port can be a critical decision in the way you operate your business. As one of the largest ports in the country, it is nearly always bustling. There are numerous warehouses in this region, but not all offer the same quality or comprehensiveness of service. 

Key Features to Look for in a Warehouse  

Being close to the port is one key feature of the best warehouses in the region, but that is far from all that you need to think about before you choose where to store your products. Take a look at the core features you need and how Van Brunt meets these goals.

  • What can they handle? When selecting a warehouse, ensure it has the proper certifications for your materials. Van Brunt’s warehouses are food grade warehouses to manage all food products. They are also MOSA Organic Certified and ASI Certified. We also offer a full Hazmat Certification to allow for hazardous product storage.
  • Can they help with customs? Streamlining the customs process speeds up logistics and minimizes delays at port. Van Brunt operates a US Custom Bonded Warehouse and a General Order Warehouse. This allows us to store goods waiting for customs processing. 
  • How reliable is the network? For those who need more than warehousing but also logistics support, ensure the company offers an efficient and reliable logistics network. This helps ensure your products can move quickly once you’re ready to do so.
  • How does pricing match up? While features and services are critical, costs matter to most organizations. It’s important to have a cost-effective way of paying for just warehouse space and labor when you need it. 
  • What type of warehouse management is available? Warehouse management systems help to reduce the amount of time it takes to manage inventory while ensuring accuracy. You can use the Van Brunt system to monitor inventory trends, keep costs updated, and ensure the best distribution times and data management. 

Let Van Brunt manage your warehousing needs. Our third-party warehousing solutions are designed to be highly affordable and modern solutions for speed and reliability.  

The Shipment Warehousing Solution You Need

Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing is located in Elizabeth, NJ, just a short drive from the Port of NY/NJ. We’ve operated here for more than 45 years, providing exceptionally reliable service you can count on. Ask us about a customized warehouse solution for your shipments.

Contact us online today or call 908-282-7080. We’re ready to help improve your warehousing for short- and long-term needs.